Bathing and Hygiene

  • Good personal hygiene is detrimental for health and wellness.  Our caregivers are specially trained in bathing, personal hygiene and other personal care services.  We are proud to hold ourselves to a high standard to preserve dignity and provide comfort.

Walking and Mobility

  • Our caregivers pay special attention to the physical limitations and comfort of each client's ability to walk, climb stairs, get in and out of vehicles, and make other routine movements as they assist them.  Our caregivers will encourage daily range of motion to keep your loved ones joints in motion.


  • Along with assisting our clients with regular movement, our personal care services also concentrate on making sure each client maintains proper posture for eating or while sitting and reading or watching television.  This is imperative for continued circulation and preventing pressure ulcers and skin breakdown.  We can also assist with helping clients get in and out of bed or the bathroom.

Continence and Toileting Care

  • Our caregivers and KCare Home Care are specially trained and experienced in assisting with urinary and bowel care.  This is understood as a necessary role that plays an important role in client's comfort, self-esteem and social life.

Special Diet, Meal Preparation, and Eating Assistance

  • We work with clients and families to pan and prepare meals that are guided by the specific dietary needs of our clients.  This includes shopping for foods that cater tot he specific diet (diabetic, low-sodium, low-trans fat, etc.) and cooking dishes that both accommodate the diet and taste of our clients.
  • Some of our clients may have physical and emotional challenges in the ability to perform basic functions.  Our caregivers are attentive to the needs and safety for clients with these challenges.

Oral Hygiene

  • Our caregivers assist with mouth care and denture care.
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